Covid-19 Update

I continue to see clients in person, in addition to online.

Counselling Twickenham

Welcome to Counselling Twickenham: Dr Chris Murphy.  I offer professional counselling and psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I can also work with you on sleep related problems such as as insomnia. My aim as your therapist is to aid you to be yourself more fully. We all experience blocks that impede this realisation – the most troublesome ones may even lie outside of awareness. This is where I can help.

What Clients Say:

“After years suffering with insomnia, I’m sleeping so much better now, and feel so much better for it – a real new lease of life. I can’t thank you enough!” – Accounts manager, Richmond

‘I really appreciate your help Chris. I feel so released from the past – like I’m finally living freely, like a breath of fresh air. I guess this was how it was meant to be all along!’ – Retired business executive, Twickenham

‘I came in somewhat sceptical, but wow, what a life-changing experience! – thank you so much Chris’ – TV producer, Twickenham

‘Such an eye-opener! I never dreamed there was so much to me – so many different layers. I really appreciate your patient support and, at times challenge’ – Advertising Executive, Richmond

‘Can’t begin to tell you what these sessions have meant to me. I feel I have found myself again, and I’m not ashamed to say – I like me!’ – Artist and mother-of-three, Strawberry Hill

‘We both appreciated that you didn’t take sides, and that you gave us each space to breathe (and vent!). Over the course of the therapy that helped us open up and be more emotionally honest with each other. It hasn’t been pain-free, but it sure has been worth it in the end’ – Couples counselling clients, Twickenham

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