How I work

Our deepest natural tendency

The genuinely supportive presence of another is invaluable. One who is removed from our everyday life can listen with a completely attentive and open attitude, without prior bias. How often have you been listened to in this way? Sadly, it’s a relatively rare occurrence, but we all remember such times vividly and with a feeling of satisfaction. It feels particularly good to be received in this way. Our guard can finally drop and in so doing we learn new things about ourselves. I believe there’s no deeper or more meaningful way to self-understanding and change than this. Indeed, we change and grow to the degree to which we can, unflinchingly, look at ourselves in this way. It is my experience that when we do this, change occurs spontaneously; and it’s always in a life-affirming direction. This is our deepest natural tendency but it needs the right environment to be realised.

As your therapist, my aim is to facilitate this process by helping to provide such a space.

Individual and couples counselling

I offer both individual and couples counselling. During our first session together we’ll talk about the areas in your life which you want to focus on. If you are feeling comfortable to proceed, we meet for subsequent weekly sessions at a regular, mutually agreed time. I work with you either on a short-term or longer-term basis depending on your needs. Therapeutic sessions are confidential. For details of my professional background and qualifications read on.